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FlareSafe Reviews

FlareSafe Reviews

We feel that it is important that you get to see what other people think of FlareSafe rather than just what we think of it.

So we created this page which links to various websites and places where you can go to read their independent reviews (or in some cases, PDF files of those reviews that appear in magazines).

Reviews – 2008

The Week magazine review, July 2008 (UK): Travel Essentials
Health & Safety at Work magazine review, July 2008 (UK): Fire safety with Flare
Independent Newspaper review, June 2008 (UK): 50 Best Travel Essentials
P&I magazine review, April 2008 (UK): Safety with Flare

Reviews – 2007
Time magazine review, July 2007 (International edition): Five must-pack gizmos for your summer vacation review, June 2007 (USA): FlareSafe Safety Flashlight
News of the World review, May 2007 (UK): Stay Safe – A Real Lifesaver
Independent newspaper review, May 2007 (UK): Ten Best Security Gadgets review, April 2007 (USA): FlareSafe – Flashlight/Smoke Detector/SOS Alarm review, April 2007 (USA): FlareSafe review, April 2007 (USA): Travel Smoke Detector
South China Morning Post review, March 2007 (Hong Kong): Playing Safe review, February 2007 (USA): Travel Product Review: The FlareSafe Device review, February 2007 (Brazil): FlareSafe: Alarme Portátil de Fumaça review, January 2007 (USA): FlareSafe – The Essential Torch for Backpackers review, January 2007 (USA): FlareSafe Honks Up A Storm, Saves Lives review, January 2007 (USA): FlareSafe Flashlight With Emergency Features
MacWorld’s Gadget Box review, January 2007 (USA): FlareSafe is a one piece light and sound show
VG newspaper review, January 2007 (Norway): Lommelykt med røykvarsler

Reviews – 2006
Wanderlust Magazine review, October 2006 (UK): Safety First, Second & Third
Stuff Magazine review, October 2006 (UK): This torch might save your life review, October 2006 (UK): The FlareSafe – More Than Just a Torch review, October 2006 (UK): FlareSafe personal safety device review, October 2006 (UK): FlareSafe: Torch, Smoke Detector and More review, October 2006 (UK): Sure it’s a Flashlight and a Smoke Detector, but does it also wash dishes