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Your personal S.O.S

Your personal S.O.S

In the event that you are attacked or find yourself in a position where you need to alert others, simply push the two buttons on FlareSafe. The piercing 110dB personal attack alarm will sound, and at the same time the torch light will start flashing – this provides an audible and visual sign of distress.

To turn off the SOS alarm, simply let it sound for two seconds, then hold down the two orange buttons for a further two seconds. The alarm will automatically switch off and the torch will stop flashing. Simple.

Pushing the rear button alone is also useful as a location sounder. If you want to sound the unit – perhaps just to let someone know where you are -  then simply hold down the rear button on its own. FlareSafe’s alarm will sound and the torch will flash for as long as you hold down the button.