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Your portable smoke detector for any hotel

Your portable smoke detector for any hotel

FlareSafe uses a specially-designed optical system to look for smoke. To arm FlareSafe, simply twist the plastic cap at the back-end of the unit. This will pop up, exposing the detector underneath the cap. At the same time, you will hear a single BEEP sound – that tells you the unit is armed.

When smoke enters the detector, the piercing siren on FlareSafe will sound and the torch light will automatically switch on. This allows you to immediately see the unit, grab it, and use the torch to find your way out.

To turn off the siren, twist the rear cap and push it back into place. The torch will remain on until you turn it off separately.

Under independent testing in the United Kingdom, FlareSafe passed the fire performance requirements contained in the rigorous British Standard for domestic smoke detectors (BS5446-1:2000).